Family Law

There are few legal matters that are as stressful as family law. Family law deals with legal concerns which are deeply connected to our person and sense of well-being. When involved with the dissolution of a marriage (divorce), support issues or custody battles it is natural and expected that the proceedings will be emotionally tense. The Law Offices of Scott Irvin Brear is here to help through these difficult times. Contact Scott for legal assistance with: Dissolution if marriage (Divorce)- We will clearly review what to expect when you decide to file for divorce or separation....or when you receive such a petition. Spousal support (Alimony), property distribution, child support and custody are different for every case. To maximize your position, you need a lawyer that will understand your concerns whilst advising you as to the best course of action to reach those goals. Child & support custody- Nothing is more important to a parent than their children. When a person becomes a single parent they have to support them; but they also have the challenge of maintaining enough time outside of work to effectively raise them. Our law office will assist you with custody issues, will create a well-defined parenting plan and will ensure that support orders are fair and appropriate. Spousal support – There are many factors involved in calculating the correct amount for spousal support. The Law Offices of Scott Irvin Brear can provide assistance with respect to the key issues involved is such calculations. Division of property- Property is not easy to divide. Furthermore, the value of property is often not easily defined; items of sentimental value might be considered worth more than the direct monetary value. In these situations you need an attorney who will understand your personal perspective as to what is valuable, what you might want to retain, and what you might be prepared to give to the other side. Prenuptial agreement – Though often a difficult subject to broach, prenuptial agreements form an important baseline for many marriages in California. Prenuptial agreements establish rules and boundaries with respect to separate property BEFORE marriage to avoid unpleasant litigation that might arise in the event of divorce later.