Commercial law/International legal issues

With the Law Offices of Scott Irvin Brear your business can rely on one of the most experienced, cost effective and trustworthy commercial law services available. Whether you need help getting your business fully licensed, or you need legally sound contracts, you have come to the right website. For solid legal footing to operate optimally locally or in international markets, the law office of Scott Irvin Brear is in a unique position to service your commercial law needs. Commercial contracts- Scott has years of invaluable expertise in international business law. His corporate management experience combined with in-depth knowledge of contract formation will help you maximize the commercial benefits to your business. Commercial licensing- From time to time, it might be necessary for the growth of your business to license the products or services of another company. This can be complex as licenses are frequently coupled with revenue and/or profits of your company. Commercial litigation - Litigation can do untold damage to a company if improperly managed; leaving you off-schedule and financially deprived. Your case will be handled in a professional, discreet, and timely manner, minimizing your expenses and preventing undue disruption of your day-to-day business. International legal issues - Having lived and worked overseas for more than 20 years, Scott has an established record of reliable, expert legal service in the complex and often hazardous terrain of international commercial law. Whether your business is already active in international transactions or currently expanding into international markets, you need a partner like Scott.